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Address Identification


Is your homes passed file missing valuable information?

Your homes passed file is your greatest asset—we get it. Therefore, we created the Address Identification service with that in mind. Our service gives you the ability to add names, addresses, telephone numbers and emails that are currently missing or incorrect to your homes passed file. You can append critical data elements or add entirely new households to your records. Our data is easy to use and integrates smoothly with your homes passed file.

Missing information is a missed revenue opportunity. Even if your homes passed file is only 10% incorrect that could mean a huge revenue loss. For example, if you have 250,000 serviceable homes in your area and we are able to identify 10% that you are missing that means 25,000 homes were not receiving your offers!!!

Increase your sales today and start adding new subscribers.

For more information contact: Angie Trivette at 866-652-5008 or email to get started!