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The College Homes service targets college aged students at home and school. It is well documented that the more information you have someone, the better your chances of making them your customer. College students are avid technology users, staying abreast of the latest, most up to date advances in the field. They can’t survive without a high speed Internet connection, video or VoIP/digital telephone services. Find these students and sell them these services when they return from or arrive back at school or during breaks.

Our database contains information on 6 million students at thousands of universities across the nation. Learn the name, address and telephone number of these students at school and at their home. We will find the home address and phone number so you can align your marketing efforts with the school calendar and increase your sales. Now you can market to students and parents at the most ideal time.

For more information contact: Angie Trivette at 866-652-5008 or email to get started!