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New Movers


Reach individuals who have just moved-in when it counts. New Movers make the decision to order high speed internet and video on the first or second day of moving into a new residence. Be the first to get to these people and win their business.

Alesco’s New Movers file gives you access to the names, addresses and phone numbers of prospects who have just moved. Our database uses information from newly established telephone lines. A new phone line indicates a new residence. Additionally, we clean and verify valid moves versus non-valid moves continuously. You will have a list of prospects ready to buy.

Highlights of New Movers include:

  • New prospects ready to buy
  • Valid phone numbers
  • Free demographic selects such as Income, Home Value and Ethnicity with every order

Use this data to gain an edge. Send offers and leave door hangers outlining the importance of high speed internet and/or bundled services.  

For more information contact: Angie Trivette at 866-652-5008 or email to get started!